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We are a Total Solutions consulting company, we can advise you on systems needed that best perform with our data products.
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What's "new" at AgRePlan
For the last 10 years AgRePlan has been focused almost exclusively on water management, we have built many custom programs, and custom machine control solutions.  We have become the go to experts in surface and sub-surface drainage internationally.  We consult and build programs and systems worldwide.  Our custom GNSS products allow us to specifically design a streamlined efficient system.
We have focused on having a solution for every market and every budget. 
We have been getting many requests to get back into the conventional Precision market, it took us nearly a year to find the product line, and decide that the current customers are not getting the support they need.  Daily we get complaints about this channel, and have decided to come back into it with our select customers.
Please call our office for information. 937-404-1380

We have customers seeing 300+ BPA Corn Yields in larger and larger areas of the field... We have the skills and the ability to help anyone seek those yield levels.  The secret is to focus on the details.  There are no cookie cutter approaches that will get you there...

-John Wagner, President AgRePlan, LLC

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