Chose between AT&T Version or Verizon Version.  This is a very well built modem, with internal battery or external 12V power supply.
We like the internal battery, good run time on battery power, makes the unit compact and easy to use in a topo collection routine.

It can be vehicle mounted, and external 12V used to power and charge.
At $995.00 it is a feature packed unit, with PC interface for configuration.  Includes magnetic Ant base.  Optional Patch GPS Ant. is available where needed, most applications we use receiver we are sending corrections to for the GGA source.

This can also be tripod mounted and connected to a radio, for multiple vehicle coverage on the jobsite.  Optional Patch GPS ant. Needed in this application.

ASK US about our fallback correction system, this system eliminates outages in most cases.
This modem can be connected to our Punisher base for Network startup option, exclusive to our Punisher base station.  If you are tired of the shifting tile lines you get on your Intellislope, you can upgrade to our Punisher Base and this modem, and making shifting tile lines a thing of your past.  Since Intellislope has no control point function, this is a necessary upgrade.  Also works with Ditch Assist and our Punisher base.  Most other grade control systems have control point capability.
AgRePlan's TP688 NTrip Modem