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John Wagner President of AgRePlan, LLC has been building solutions in and around this industry for 29 years.  As the leader of AgRePlan, John knows where to find solutions to problems, and direct his customers and staff in solving problems, be it production, be it equipment... the experience level is high, and the approach is systematic.  The folks that we turn to for help, have more experience than we do, and have invented most of the concepts in this industry.
Water Management, and complete Precision Solutions, from beginning to end.  We have a full service agronomy business, and we can provide services in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois and Iowa.  We pioneered VRT seed, Nitrogen, and Precision Managment zones.  We have been building zones with EC and Topography since 1997.  Most importantly we have integrated water managment and current precision technologies as one coherrent system.  Big Data could never provide the integrated approach of agronomic services with a bottom to top water managment system.
John Wagner was involved in the industry before the major names had their first products.  Back in the old Terra days, we waited to innovate, because what you know today, did not exist yet.  Many products that were introduced back then, were revised based on our feedback.  All of us old guys were there to lay the ground work for what we have today...  Please don't forget that when you are weighing your options.
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Do you grow tired of seeing the same low yield spots in your yield data year after year?  Ever wonder why there are those high yielding unexplainable areas in your yield maps?
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