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John Wagner President of AgRePlan, LLC has been building solutions in and around this industry for 25 years.  As the leader of AgRePlan, John knows where to find solutions to problems, and direct his customers and staff in solving problems, be it production, be it equipment... the experience level is high, and the approach is systematic.  The folks that we turn to for help, have more experience than we do, and have invented most of the concepts in this industry.
Is it "Big Data" or the ability to compile big amounts of data and find real solutions?  The theme in this industry is big data.  Without a plan and a local expert to glean solutions, it is just big data.  "Aim small, miss small" is what AgRePlan has a clear skill in doing.  Picking through the data to solve a problem.  For example Water Managment solutions,  because of our reach and experience in the market, we have access to segments of Agriculture that really understand water management.   From a narrow data focus the answers are clear so we understand why variability exists, and how to make the best of it. Through big data we can then understand larger impacts, however in the field on the spot,  true terrain analysis, and an understanding of the "water-model" of any given production system is what we understand, and how we fix the problems. 
  Take advantage of our knowledge, and experience, then ask yourself, is the big data trend about the farmer or is it about controlling the farmer?   Is big data happening with a aim small miss small local advisor, or a top down, gather the data, we will figure out what to do with it later concept?  At the end of the day, all this is about the customer, and that customer receiving direct benefit.  If your local builder told you, write me a check, and I'll start building your new shop from the roof down, 2000 miles away, without asking you the color of the tin or the dimensions of the doors you need.  I doubt a single one of you writes that check, but yet checks are being written for big data.   So don't allow a free trip, a grand vision, or a shiny new 4 wheeler persuade you to write a check for something that at its' core makes little business sense.  We will give you a return to go pick out the 4 wheeler or the trip you actually want.  On your dime, from your pocket.  The "spif" we give is a solid return on your investment, that keeps returning, without strings attached.
John Wagner was involved in the industry before the major names had their first products.  Back in the old Terra days, we waited to innovate, because what you know today, did not exist yet.  Many products that were introduced back then, were revised based on our feedback.  All of us old guys were there to lay the ground work for what we have today...  Please don't forget that when you are weighing your options.
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