Soil Testing Services
Veris, APMZ Zone testing, Grid Testing, Soil Type Sampling, Customer Defined.  All collected data can be sent to customer, or sent to GPC for processing and Rx's.  We support all current control systems, and lots of old legacy systems.

Water Management Services
Topo mapping, Surface Drainage plans, Blown Waterways grass or farmable, Tile design, complete terrain analysis: Depressions, Watersheds, Aspect, Hills, Slope, LSP and WA.  Yield levels over LSP.  We can even design whole field shapes for minimum yardage and maximum drainage

Geo-Processing Services
This can include private label map products for our dealers, AgRePlan branded data products such as Vrt Seed, VRT Nitrogen, Lime P and K Rx's.  Data products which our customers specify.  Our GPC (Geo Processing Center) is state of the art industry leading, we use many software packages to accomplish our goals.  We deliver all data in our standard viewer from DDS.  Viewpoint, it is a free product, and it designed to function with our GPC, connecting the customer and the GPC via the Internet.  We pioneered this approach with DDS a long time ago...

Network RTK Data Service
We are an authorized provider of data services through Verizon Wireless.  We pioneered the use of Network RTK in Agriculture, nearly a full season ahead of the industry.  We chose to stay out of the RTK correction business until there was a viable alternative.  We saw what  local dealers were doing with radio base stations, and knew it would be a temporary thing.  That did not stop the local dealers ramming it down the throats of customers, they all knew this technology was available... however they had made an investment that they had to recoup.  As soon as there was a viable alternative for RTK Correction we led the charge.  If we would not have pushed the industry, you would still be using antiquated RTK radio base stations.  There are still many dealers insisting that you buy a base station.  This only allows them a bigger sale to you.  We can sell base stations too, however we choose not to, unless there is a coverage issue.  Our pioneer mentality pushed the local industry into Network RTK solutions.  This leading approach has provided us an opportunity to provide data services at half the cost of current pricing.  We buy our data in a bundle, and can scale up or down as our customers use it.  This allows us all to benefit from a bulk buy of data. 
What are your production issues?... tell us, chances are we have a fix... somewhere in our 25 years of professionally listening and fixing, we will have an answer.

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